The demand for luxurious housing in Portugal has recently been increasing especially on the part of foreign clients, mainly Brazilian and South African.

The market for medium-high segments in the more central Lisbon residential quarters have deserved the special preference of those who have the financial capacity to escape the less favourable national contexts, preferring our Capital city to others such as Paris or London.

The search for well localized apartments with a sea view and parking have actually led to waiting-lists. However, besides security, sun and fiscal benefits, clients, above all the more senior ones, also look for tranquility and quality of life, reason for the increase of foreign investors in the more central Lisbon areas, as opposed to other less expensive ones.

For SmartPlace, the adequate promotion of the real estate markets and territories of the Portuguese Interior, where life is more tranquil and has more quality, can also increase the interest of potential investors, national or from abroad, within the medium-high and high segments.

The way to capture the interest of the Region depends on the way the tourists, who are simultaneously potential investors, are welcomed – showing them the landscapes and the real people of the Interior of Portugal will leave them with unforgettable memories which will make them want to return and stay. In this part of the Portuguese territory where there is no sea, the majestic mountains with beautiful sights will offer them unique experiences.

SmartPlace offers to contribute to the development of tourism through real estate mediation and management of the best local accommodations, allying the best promotion through the more recent technologies. With this in mind, we believe we can capture new investors in the purchase of real estates, both for permanent residence or for holiday purposes.

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