Smartplace‘s mission is supported in the usage of the most recent information and communication technologies, in inovationg approaches and relational marketing and in an integrated concept and a wide range of services focused on four strategic segments: «Residents», «Universitary Students», «Tourists» and «Investors».

Its activity includes projects and building site mediation and real estate construction and real estate mediation, sustained in the promotion and territorial dinamization in three main axes:

  • Exploitation of the urban rehabilitation needs, energetic certification, evaluation and regularization of buildings, through a positive and responsible proactive approach to potential clients;
  • Promotion and territorial dinamization and of some institutional/business agents, through strategic partnerships with these agents (B2B), anchoring the brand’s concept to the development of the Territory;
  • Improvement of the real estate business in a global and proactive different type of concept, particularly focused on the segments «University Students» and «Tourism», appealing to a wide range and innovative to the ICTs.