SmartPlace’s mediation of the global proposal, higher that two million euros, was the wiining proposal on the auction on which were sold all the fractions of the “Crystal Tower” that never were occupied.

From SmartPlace’s professionalism and Covialvi’s will to invest in an emblematic building, as well as both companies connection to Covilhã, came out the business concretion that avoided the disadvantages of the partial sales, fraction by fraction, and that the City remain with “another white elephant”.

The global intervention on the building has already started, and foresseing that will overtake 2 oe 3 more months. The investment to realize, in a sum over than one million euros, will be to “finish the unfinished constructions, solve some construction problems, as well as realize significant improovements”. [Jornal do Fundão, 9 fevereiro 2017]


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